Your Guide To Record Your Own Audiobook For Audible and iTunes

Audio is hot! Its no secret that whether its podcasting or audiobooks, people want to listen to content as much as they want to view it or read it. Audiobooks have incredible growth potential—nearly 30% per year and the time to recording your book is NOW. Get started with recording your own audiobook with this book!

recording audiobooks cover page

What this guide will discuss: 


What equipment you'll need to record your audio


How to setup your microphone, recording studio, and recording equipment


Top tips and tricks the pros use to obtain top-quality voice recordings


How to record your book using GarageBand and recording with Audacity software


How to upload your finished book to and iTunes


How Audible and iTunes royalty payments work including the super-duper $50 bounty payment!


Helpful resources to outsource your audiobook production if you're not a do-it-yourself person

And now, just added, a BONUS CHAPTER on the key steps and methods you need to successfully market your audiobook! Get on the audiobook bandwagon and start recording your book today!

What people say about us

I was interested in this book because I’m a writer and have been toying with the idea of converting a few of my books to audio. This book gave me great insight and enough courage to finally sit down and get started on my own books. Thanks for this great information! Andrew Eubanks

As an author looking to publish on ACX, it was helpful to learn about the process of using software, specifically audacity for me, to record the audiobook. Quick and to the point, just like you want it! David J

This is such a great book for anyone wanting to learn how to turn books into audiobooks. It goes into detail about what equipment you will need to record the book, different options on editing the book, and so much more. I especially liked chapter five about uploading the file and changing settings (if needed). He also supplies a link to a video near the end of the book. This is a great book and I highly recommend it! Zoy F

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